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If you’re one of the 30 to 40 million people in the United States who suffer anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist, you don’t have to feel that way anymore. Dr. Ella Shuster, at Academy Dental Care, has several sedation options to make your visit comfortable and pain-free. In her Westfield, New Jersey office, she offers sedation options to suit every patient’s needs. Dr. Shuster strives to create a great experience for her patients of all ages. Schedule your appointment today online or with a call to Academy Dental Care.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Sedation?

Patients whose anxiety about visiting the dentist is more severe than the average person should discuss sedation options with Dr. Shuster. Fear of the dentist often keeps patients from attending their annual check-ups. Without regular dental care, dental problems go undetected, possibly leading to serious health issues in the future.

Dental sedation reduces anxiety and pain, allowing patients of all ages to relax during treatment. Before sedation, Dr. Shuster reviews your overall health to screen for any pre-existing conditions that might prevent you from being a good candidate for sedation. She also thoroughly explains what you can expect during and after dental sedation.   

What are My Dental Sedation Options?

Oral sedation is a simple solution for patients who are nervous about their upcoming visit. Dr. Shuster issues the patient an oral sedative to be swallowed prior to their appointment. The medication reduces anxiety levels and helps them relax just in time for their exam or procedure.  Patients remain awake with oral sedation.

Another dental sedation option is nitrous oxide. Administered through a nasal mask, “laughing gas” helps patients feel content and relaxed during treatment. As soon as the mask is removed, the gas begins to wear off. Laughing gas requires no recovery time, allowing patients to jump back into their daily routine immediately.

For people with a severe fear of the dentist, Dr. Shuster works with an anesthesiologist to sedate patients more deeply during treatment. This type of general sedation requires more recovery time and someone to drive you home.

Can Children Be Sedated at the Dentist?

It is important for children to feel good about going to the dentist. Good oral hygiene is essential for a person’s overall health and confidence. For children with a fear of the dentist, nitrous oxide is one option to help them relax and stay pain-free during visits.

Conscious sedation allows children remain awake, yet stay still during examinations and procedures so Dr. Shuster can complete their visit as quickly as possible. If nitrous oxide is not right for your child, Dr. Shuster will discuss alternatives.

Fear should never keep you from going to the dentist. Dr. Shuster discusses every option with her patients and recommends what she thinks is best for their overall health and dental needs.  

To discuss your sedation options, call Academy Dental Care’s Chatham, New Jersey office at 973-635-8070 or the Westfield, New Jersey office at 908-233-8070.

Insurance & Financing

At Academy Dental Care, we’re dedicated to offering exceptional care at affordable prices, to helping patients maximize their insurance benefits, and to financing care when necessary. We are in-network providers with most major PPOs which means patients using these benefit plans receive maximum coverage. We’re happy to process and file claims for any provider so patients receive optimal coverage. Whenever necessary, we’re happy to work with patients to create a payment plan to spread the cost over care out over the course of several months.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Assurant Dental Health Alliance (PPO)
Best Life And Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Connection Dental
Delta Dental
Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
First Dental Health PPO
GWH-Cigna (formerly Great West Healthcare)

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    "Dr. Shuster is amazing!!! She has taken me in for three last minute emergencies, one of them being on New Year's Eve."

    Aylin B.
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